5 Top places to hide your car keys and prevent theft

Regardless of what car you own and how expensive it is, you won’t be able to brag about it if you misplace the key. Moreover, it is embarrassing to realize that you have invited someone for a drive and realize that you misplaced the keys somewhere. Don’t worry; you are not alone in this scenario. Most people often face such a situation once in life. However, they are smart to know the backup solution in these situations.

Leaving your car with the keys is never a good habit, but if you have to, these tips will help you hide the car keys in secrets locations so that the thief doesn’t find it.

5 Expert tips to hide your car keys and prevent theft:

  1. Hide it behind your tires: Hiding the keys behind the tires is one of the most thoughtful ways that won’t let anyone find the keys even after breaking the doors or windows in. It is highly unlikely that someone can find the keys behind the tires.
  2. In the bumpers: Although this doesn’t work for all car brands, but the bumpers can be an excellent hiding spot for your car keys. Sliding it in the darker side will add difficulty for anyone to find it even after spotting the place.
  3. License plate: Another untraceable spot is behind the license plate. Usually, most thieves or burglars will try to look around for the car keys inside the car; however this is one of the coolest places to hide your car keys.
  4. Under the hood: Check the feature of your car before trying this spot. You should be able to open the hood from outside the car too. Placing the car keys under the hood that opens only from inside will leave you clueless too!
  5. Inside the gas cap: Hiding the keys inside the gas cap is similar to the feature of the hood. If you are able to open the gas cap from outside, it can be an excellent hiding spot for your car keys.

Before you try any of the above locations to hide your car keys, always keep a spare one with you. Look up to companies like Montreal Auto Keys that deal with all sorts of types of car keys in spare. In any type of unexpected situation, do not panic and look for a solution with a calm mind.