Motorcycle Crash Bars: What are They, and Are They Worth the Investment?

It means they take careful ways to protect their vehicle. However, several situations can lead to accidents and might cause damage to their bike. Riders might crash for several reasons, such as losing balance due to navigating the road slowly or too fast. The bike can also hit the ground when the rider loses control due to obstacles on the floor.

Falls can occur even when the motorcycle is stationary in a parking lot. As such, many bike accessories are marketed and sold as viable solutions for motorcycle protection. Some even offer safety beyond protection for the bike as it can also safeguard the driver. In particular, motorcycle crash bars can do both the job of protecting the vehicle and the rider. This bike accessory has gained a reputation among motorcycle owners and riding circles.

If you are a bike owner and have yet to purchase one, you might wonder what it is and how it works. The crash bar, also known as engine guard, is a type of metal such as steel and aluminum on a bike’s frame or the engine, which comes in the form of tubbing. They are available for most naked bikes, sportbikes, and dirt bikes. Whilethe crash bar’s design depends on the motorcycle’s model and the crash bar itself, the primary premise of the accessory is for the metal to protrude significantly beyond the bike’s frame. 

Its use would be utilized in case of an accident or fall as the protruding metal would prevent the motorcycle from completely hitting the ground. Accordingly, during this potential scenario, the bike’s valuable and costly component, like the engine, will be safe from the impact of the road. Also, if the rider happens to fall on his side during an accident, he might not be crushed by the total weight of the motorcycle. 

Should you purchase a high-quality crash bar like the SW motech crash bars, it will work as intended and will be able to protect the bike as well as its rider against heavy damage. This particular brand of the crash bar is made from high strength tubular steel. It has a tube diameter of 22 or 27 mm depending on the model, ensuring maximum protection for a motorcycle.

You might also question its effectiveness in protecting the bike and the rider. The answer to that question depends on what you are looking for in a crash bar. For sure, installing one can protect the engine, fuel tank, and other valuable components should an accident occur, causing the bike to fall. But if you are expecting it would ultimately save a driver from harm, that is a misconception.

If you decide to buy one, select crash bars built and engineered for the specific type of your motorcycle. You can also contact a local dealer or workshop should you require assistance with the installation process.

You can click this infographic from Motorrad Garage to learn more about motorcycle crash bars.