Top 5 Armored Sedans That Are Gaining Attention

When anyone mentions an armored vehicle; a sedan isn’t something that will strike most minds. A bulky vehicle, with humongous tires and military appearance is the image associated with an armored vehicle. But today, due to the changed requirements, not just the popular but even common people require armored vehicles and want to avoid attracting attention and be as discreet as possible. So armoring has extended to family vehicles like sedans. 

An armored car should pass stringent standards. The armored sedan from Troy Armoring is the perfect blend of safety and grandeur. 

Here are the top 5 sedans which you might have not imagined as armored vehicles: 

1] Mercedes Benz 

A sleek sedan of German luxury automotive brand is the epitome of comfort and opulence. This loaded with 360° protection of the passenger compartment, high-quality multi-layer optically transparent armor, battery and electronic control module protection, reinforced door hinges, upgraded suspension and run-flat devices on all full-size tires is a treat indeed! Mercedes Benz S 560 S550 and S600 Maybach Pullman are the most popular options to armor. They are elite-full sized and offer an unparalleled blend of luxury and technology; incredible ride comfort; effortless acceleration; endless safety and entertainment features. 

2] Audi A8 

Bold design, impeccable luxury, CEN B4 and CEN B6 level of armoring makes Audi 8 the perfect choice for you. It has brand new interiors.

3] Jaguar

Alive and dynamic, the Jaguar with CEN B4 or CEN B6 level of armoring is indistinguishable from its regular counterpart. It allows you to stay discreet while you stay protected. It offers stellar interior accompanied with a beautiful driving experience! 

4] Toyota

The Toyota Camry is an affordable luxury car. When it comes to concealing the armoring of your sedan, Toyota is the most preferred alternative. The CEN B4 and CEN B6 level of protection is proposed in this vehicle. 

5] BMW

Paired with innovative features and unique driving dynamics, the BMW 7501 comes with the same armoring features as Mercedes Benz.   

There are several other sedans you could consider. You can either buy an already equipped vehicle or refurbish your car with armoring. Depending on the potential risks you are exposed to, the quality, strength and equipment used to armor is determined. Sedans are comfortable, family cars and easily stay shrouded. They are luxury cars and what’s better than having comfort and luxury additional to protection!