The Main Benefits of Selling Your Car to a Dealership

What are the main benefits of selling your car to a dealership? Before getting into this, it’s important to point out that, for some dealerships, there’s little benefit at all. This is because not all dealerships are created equal; the best dealerships are those with a considerable market access and those which are part of a nationwide chain. There’s one simple premise for this – they can sell your car quickly, easily, and for the best price. These dealerships are also the ones with the resources enough to restore your car at minimal cost, and with enough of an inventory of working parts to make savings and then pass them on to you. If you’re going with a dealership without sufficient market access, you could find yourself getting a bit of poor deal on your car – so choose carefully.

Cash for Cars in San Diego are good example of a dealership to go with. With the requisite market access and resources, they can take everything from a nearly-new car to a totally junked relic, and still give the best price for those looking to sell a used car in San Diego or the surrounding area.

With that caveat out of the way then, and assuming we are talking about the type of dealerships which pass muster, what are the main benefits of selling to one? Is it really a good alternative to selling privately or to a salvage yard?

It’s Faster

And by faster, we don’t just mean you find a willing buyer quicker (most dealerships will take your car off your hands instantly) but also that the entire process is expedited in a way that just isn’t possible when selling any other way. This can have a number of knock-on benefits, meaning that selling to a dealership isn’t solely because you are lazy and want to get the sale over with as quickly as possible. Although, if you are lazy, it certainly has that benefit too.

The reason dealership sales are much faster is that, for one thing, there is no need to spend time actually searching for a potential buyer (you have one straight away). Secondly, a dealership with the requisite market reach can sell on any car, so they will be willing to buy any car too, with the minimum of fuss. Dealerships also frequently offer free towing and a free and professional appraisal, all of which speeds things up significantly. You can often get paid in cash that very same day.

No Fuss with Paperwork

The other reason selling to a dealership is much faster deserves its own section: they will handle all of the paperwork. They are able to do this not just because they are professionals and can complete the forms efficiently, but also that dealerships typically have an inhouse DMV department and can work with that institution to completely transfer over all liabilities, the title for the vehicle as well as any additional paperwork. All outstanding payments can be reckoned up in the final price to ensure that you make a clean break with the vehicle the moment it is sold.

Get a Fair Price

As mentioned, a dealership never needs to worry about finding a buyer for your car after they have acquired it. They will have showrooms nationwide and can shift it easily. This also means they can sell it for the best price, usually with the aid of a market database showing just what a particular make and model typically sells for across the country. With a dealership, you can be assured of the fairest price.