Get All In One Enoikiaseis Van Solutions For Greece In Your Palm

In earlier days of transportation rentals were not those much available. But now a day with increase in demand, different kind of enoikiaseis van solutions has come up with an armament of easy solutions. Contact them through the helpdesk phone number or just drop a requirement mail, the representative will get in touch with you to cater your need. With a heavy fleet of vans and trucks available the most favourable van rentals in Greece is ready to serve you anywhere anytime.

Amenities that you enjoy

The van rental service has become as convenient as it can be. Juts dial in confirm your identity and request for your demand. Whether you are a private or corporate customer, you will get all type of your motilities here. After paying suitable amount of security deposit and an agreement monthly or yearly based on your need you can have the van at your disposal. You have the additional facility of driving it yourself or through anybody apart form fleet of heavily trained drivers of the fleet. You just need to have a drivers licence and you need to be above 23 years of age.

Get all the help form rentals van

In your journey with the enoikiaseis van you will be provided with all types of help you need. Be it the roadside assistance or logistic handling or simply pickup and drop or driver facility, the highly trained officials are there to help you with any kind of solutions. There is another awesome facility that allows you to cancel all your reservations even 48 hours prior to your booking. This cancellation will not cost you anything. But if you cancel the contract post that 48 hours timeline you will have to incur a charge proportional to your contract amount.

You can pay any way you like

If you have an enoikiaseis van in Greece then you may need not to worry about your payments. You can pay through any channel. There would be an agreement first. It based on that you can have a pickup or drop facility on the day of your requirements. The payment you can make in cash or you can pay through credit or debit cards or through online transactions. You first payment will be that of a security deposit, that is purely refundable in nature. And remaining will be the monthly instalments for short-term or yearly instalments for long term relationships based on the agreements you make.

Best van fleet with enoikiaseis van

Once you receive the van you must check with the delivery agent and confirm for any physical damage. Because when you return the van in a similar manner they will check for the tints and dents. If you return the van in same condition, you will get the full security deposit back and may be a little discount on your last rent instalment. But if you return the van with some more dental, the you may be charged penalty for repairing them accordingly. But what ever the case, you will be enjoying a great moment of your relationship with enoikiaseis van.