Read To Know the Different Type of Auto Transport Business

Whenever you try to relocate to another city then the movement can always be quite stressful. There are plenty of things that you need to take care of and all of them can create plenty of chaos.

One of the most important issues is about transporting your household items and cars.  Ship a Car, Inc. can offer you necessary corporate auto relocation services that can help you to ship your car without any hassle.

During such time, it is often the auto insurance aspects are missed out. Therefore, the following is the list of requirements that you must prepare in case you have any chance of a location shift shortly.

  • Update your car insurance
  • Update your address
  • Transfer your no claim bonus
  • Re-registration
  • Avoid a coverage gap

Types of companies for car shipping

When discussing to an auto transport business about exporting your car, it is important to know the different types of firms and the different types of car shipping services they offer.

“Brokers” and “Carriers” are the two most prevalent companies with whom you will engage. At first glimpse of their websites or services, it is impossible to tell the difference.

Even if you know what to search for and what questions to ask when chatting with each business and collecting their vehicle transport rates, you may not be able to know the difference.

  • Auto transport carrier

A carrier with its own fleet of car carriers, trucks, and truck drivers is known as a car shipping firm. They only utilize this fleet to transport their customers’ vehicles. When you ship with a carrier, you interact directly with the firm that will be transporting your vehicle, making it simple to stay informed throughout the process.

  • Transport broker

A company that books orders to ship vehicles and motorcycles of people is known as an auto transport broker. They then take all those orders and try to “broker” them to any auto transport carrier that has their own equipment and uses their drivers and equipment to transport the car.

Brokers are paid a commission by these automobile carriers in exchange for supplying them with car transport orders.

How to find whether your auto transporter is a transport carrier or a broker?

The first line of the website of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration says “Entity Type” after you search for a car shipping company. “CARRIER” or “BROKER” will be written next to this. The entity type identifies the sort of vehicle transport business.

Keep in mind that some companies are both brokers and carriers. If such is a case, their business would most likely appear twice in your search results, one as a broker and the other as a carrier. To avoid customers linking their Brokerage house with their carrier business, they may adopt a different name for it in some situations.

If you cannot get to that website fast when looking for an auto transport company, it is better to ask each automobile shipping provider directly or a broker.