Things to Know About Car Protection Shields

When you purchase a new vehicle, you do everything to keep it in its best form. You will never want it to change. But the condition of the roads won’t let it stay the way you bought it. To keep your car in perfect condition, you must protect it by filming its surface with a high-quality protective layer. This will not only protect the car from natural disasters but will also keep up your car’s appearance. Considering the importance of shielding your vehicle, here in this blog, you will get to know everything about protection shields.

What does the shield do to your car?

These shields have a variety of names but all of them serve one single purpose i.e. protecting your vehicles. The longer it stays on your car, the better it appears. It acts as a barrier against all those physical dangers that might come across your car’s surface. This includes scratches, pigments, stains, etc. If your car has no film on it, even falling of a simple branch can bring in a high impact scratch on its surface. The urethane film is protective against chips, scratches, rocks, and debris. It also protects the car from contaminants like acid, corrosion, chemical staining, mineral deposits, or bird droppings.

The top layer is made with elastomeric polymers and they can well return to their shape even after they are pulled or stretched. The film has a self-healing property and it absorbs all the damages inflicted upon it. Like this, the texture and properties can return to normal.

What are the technologies behind it?

The entire material which is used here is urethane. It is a very powerful and versatile polymer that also has carbamate links in it. This particular compound has unique attributes. It is lightweight and transparent but does not crack or tear as plastic does. It is highly resistant to various impacts, abrasions, and corrosions. This being highly flexible, can be used to cover any exposed surface of your car.

But besides the urethane, the car protection film has two other layers. The first layer is a coat made with clear elastomeric polymers and the bottom layer is an acrylic adhesive that helps the film to bond very well.

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